Remote Signing

Sign digital documents wherever you are, with the same legal value of a handwritten signature

SAVIS is Vietnam’s first trusted QTSP providing remote signing 

and HSM digital signature services in compliance with EU eIDAS regulations

What is Remote Signing

Remote Signing is a new concept introduced after eIDAS regulation no. 910/2014 which enables the creation of QES – Qualified Electronic Signatures and AdES – Advanced Electronic Signature, using electronic signature creation device which followed the set standards. QES and AdES are managed remotely by a trust service provider (TSP) operating on behalf of the signer (user). The user’s signing key is securely held under the user’s sole control, and signature operations are done in a hardware security module (HSM) on the server end.

Why Do You Need API Strategy Consulting?

Anytime, anywhere

Users can sign anywhere, on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Fully compliant

Our Remote Signing are fully eIDAS compliant

Easy integration

The solution integrates advanced digital signing technologies LTV, LTANS; Timestamp digital signature; Integrate with the organization’s internal system and specialized software

We are fully eIDAS compliant

Suitable for all industries and enterprise scales.


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