What is HSM?

A Hardware Security Module is a specialized, highly trusted physical device which performs all major cryptographic operations, including encryption, decryption, authentication, key management, key exchange, and more.

Important HSM features

HSMs use specially designed hardware that adheres to government standards such as Federal Information Processing Standardization (FIPS) 140-2, Common Criteria and the HSM requirements of the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

HSMs undergo a hardening process to make them resistant to illicit tampering and unintentional damage.

They have a security-focused operating system.

They are located in a secure physical area of the data center to prevent unauthorized access. Some organizations opt to store their HSMs in a third-party data center, rather than keeping them on site.

HSMs control access to the devices and the data they protect. They are designed to show signs of tampering; some HSMs become inoperable or delete cryptographic keys if tampering is detected.

HSMs support a range of application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable application integration and the development of custom applications, including the Public-Key Cryptography Standard and Cryptography API Next Generation.

Why choose HSM?

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